Apple TV, initially named as iTV and then later changed to “Apple TV”, has seen only minor changes and developments since the launch of the device back in 2007. Now Apple wants to shed some serious work on the device to make it more than just a hobby for users. Since the most loyal consumers are losing interest on the device as it is now, rightly so Apple plans major updates in relation to both software and hardware components of Apple TV.

Set-top box concept

Steve Jobs the CEO of Apple had confirmed to staff that Apple TV was still a hobby and the set-top box concept as experimental. But the more recent interest of Apple suggests a major shift of Apple TV in the direction of set top boxes in order to compete with the rivals and also to provide the consumers with something useful.

Moving from a hobby to seriousness

The remarks of Steve Jobs in relation to Apple TV is yet to be proved wrong, but it seems that a major shift from hobby to seriousness have been initiated within Apple, possibly under direct orders from Jobs himself. Serious software updates are expected within Apple TV, which is thought to be based on iOS.

Integrating iTunes and iTunes store

Apple may also be looking for ways to integrate iTunes into Apple TV and its subscriptions. A more professional approach towards the device may be possible using only resources within, yet there are rumors that Apple are getting more advanced work on Apple TV done elsewhere. First of all these are only rumors. Secondly these concern Apple staff and not Apple TV, however the point is that something is happening somewhere in relation to the development of Apple TV.

External TV applications

If the new software developments within Apple TV is based on iOS, it could support third party Apple TV apps which would ultimately help in adding diversified and extra content to that of Apple iTunes store, with use of services like Netflix or Hulu.

Overall developments

Although there have been rumors and clues around updates to the software within Apple TV, there is very little known regarding any developments with hardware components of the device. With multi functional hardware consoles becoming more popular and such devices being able to provide TV capabilities as a value added feature, Apple needs to think its strategies seriously if it cares about the set-top box market.

Apple at least now, has started to work on Apple TV, which many Apple TV users feared was not due anytime soon. However there is no official confirmation of work-in-progress or any expressed intentions of a new Apple TV device.