Reports are concluding that the latest iPhone 4G marked to be released this June during the Apple World Wide Developers Conference. Also reports have pitched in that Verizon is testing a CDMA based iPhone 4G which could be released as earlier as Christmas 2010. Also Skype released an upgrade allowing customers to make Skype to Skype calls on iPhone 3G.

iPhone which has brought a ground breaking revolution in the fortunes of Apple’s business and which alone amount for one third of the forty billion sales Apple made worldwide. iPhone 3G which was launched in 2008, was backed up with a newer and faster version later on the year with the launch of iPhone 3GS. Now during Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference everybody is expecting Apple to release iPhone 4G, the successor in the range of iPhone series and this phone may also mark and end to iPhone 3G. Though Apple has always been very strict regarding the security controls for its unreleased phones, two of new iPhone 4G’s were leaked out. While one of them was found a month ago in a bar, the recent one was found in Vietnam, and when it was connected to iTunes, it was recognized as an Apple Device.

Currently Verizon is testing the comp abilities of launching the iPhone 4G on CDMA platforms and plans to avail it to the eager customers by Christmas 2010. While when the reports questioned the authorities at Apple and Verizon head quarters, they refused to comment on any such issues. The new iPhone 4G will have faster downloading, multi tasking enabled, video chat and even work on dual core processors. The graphic card and the camera may get higher resolution pitch adding to the charm of the phone.

While on the other hand the major Internet telephony company Skype which provides free Skype to Skype Internet telephone calls, provided an upgrade to it customers so that it can work swiftly on Apple’s iPhone 3G. but the catch it that the free calls are for a limited time, as in the brochure of the Skype application it has been mentioned that the free calls last only till August 2010 end. While the Internet telephony major has refused to comment and also provide details about the charges and tariffs the company plans to charge. While it has been speculated, the company may charge a user fee every month while providing the free calls. Skype could not be used in iPhone until the launch of iPad, when Apple tweaked its SDK interference and allowed Skype to be downloaded on its hand held devices.

Skype has made a huge and potential migration from one’s personal desktops to hand held mobile devices, which also allows the Internet telephony company to make greater revenues by creating new plans for mobile devices users.

While the soon to be launched iPhone 4G would also allow, non core applications like to Skype to work on it, Skye’s revenue potential has only increased.