I think this is awesome feature on Windows 7, Aero Snap lets you make things easier when you want to simultaneously work on two websites, applications or documents. Splitting screen into two is one of the many choices you can do with Aero Snap, allowing users to have two windows side by side.

Split Screen

If you after having two windows side by side to compare documents or wanting to move files between the windows, on a side by side screen. Begin by ensuring none of the windows are maximised. Move or drag a window by having your mouse clicked on the title bar and place it either on left or right hand side of the screen until you see the outline of the window.  Now release the mouse so as to expand the window, and repeat the same steps with the second window. Now you will have two windows one to the right and other to the left.

Alternatively you can use keyboard shortcuts. Select a window you want to move to the Left and then press the Windows Logo Key and Left Arrow button. Do the same with the selecting the second window and pressing Windows Logo Key and the right arrow key. This will let you have two windows side by side on your screen.

More functions

Aero Snap not just allows split screen but let’s you resize and arrange windows by simply getting them dragged by the boarders and moving them to be placed where you desire the window to be on the screen. Depending on which edge of the screen you choose you can move the windows either top, bottom, left or right. The windows will expand vertically and fill the screen.

Having a window vertically expanded is really useful while reading longer documents or websites. Click on either the top or bottom end of a window and this will pop a double headed arrow and you can move the arrow up or down to fit the desktop height of your screen and ensuring the width of the window does not change.

Redoing split and other moves

If you want to return the window back to its original size, click on the title bar, while holding the click drag it away from the desktop’s top and release the click. The window will be resized to its original size.

Windows 7’s this snazzy little feature really ensures optimum use and redefines Windows experience.