A web search without Google is unthinkable to all of us. It is a platform to know about the unknowns and to be answered for all your queries. To enhance the search event Google has made some effective modification while displaying the search results on a page.

Keeping the Home Page quite same as it was before, the company slightly tides up the logo so that the users do not face any difficulty while searching.  However, you will find some massive changes while visiting the result pages. You will now find a new bar on this page where all the related search pages are going to be list one by one.  This new design has replaced the old fashion where the pages were displayed at the left most side. To make the search more specific Google now offers some simple options which are visible on the search page. For example while searching for shoes you will be receiving an option of shopping too, which is going to control the results of your search.  These options continuously change along with your various search topics. This mechanism is quite similar to that of the Bing, a Microsoft Search Engine.

With this technique, the company has made its way to become the most popular and dominant search engine to its users. The company can now wipe out all its competitors simply by inheriting their features which has completely resolved its problems of market dominance.  It is also capable of offering suggestions to the people while they are searching for a particular topic. The suggestions are immensely helpful since it covers all the aspects of the search having different search terms of the same matter.  Say for example, while searching for the “String theory” Google will also suggest you to go for the “quantum mechanics” which is the possible related topic of the previous one.

Along with this the company has efficiently combined the real time results of the social sites and sites like BBC and the Telegraph. The real time result of the social network such as Twitter, is integrated with that of the various news, published on the sites of telegraph and BBC. The aim here is to distinguish between peoples’ query on a specific incident and their ideas on the same. This will surely build up two different world of knowledge one containing the actual facts or queries of the people and other a vast chatting platform. With this scenario, Google can now be considered to represent information in a more organized way so that users get aware with the reality of a situation. This erases the through that the company can only gather and rank information on the search result page.

With the tweaking behavior of the Google more and more individuals are now able to express their opinions on a particular matter.  This will definitely increase the social interaction among people of all levels. Moreover, the new search technique of the company is focused on providing valuable search suggestions which seem that the site can guess the possible topics to be searched in advanced.