Apparently, the Antivirus sentry is not exactly what it advertises itself to be. Antivirus Sentry, in truth, is nothing more than a mere rogue anti-spyware program. Recently the IT industry has warned consumers against these rouge anti-spyware. Spyware are are basically “traps” which seek confidential information relating to finance and personal information, without the users prior knowlwdge. Some of the basic information concerning Antivirus Sentry has been seen before. It is said to be a clone of the Vista and S Antivirus. These programs are the ones that are part of the Innovagest 2000 family.

Innovagest 2000 Family

Innovagest 2000 is an organization that is known for selling and producing  rogue anti-spyware programs. This company has dedicated itself to cheat you of your finances, at the same time stealing vital information from your PC. The kinds of antivirus programs in Antivirus Sentry’s league are the Vundo, Trojan or Zlob.

Rogue anti-spyware programs  can get inside your computer through various portals of the Internet . They can either direct you to a porn site, a video display or an infected computer, received through a damaged or infected file when you are using a file-sharing program and downloaded while using spam e-mails when you click on the attached file.  The Trojan viruses can even be found on video codecs or Active X and are disguised as an infected free download.  Rogue software such as Zlob, Trojan and Vundo can even flood your screen with pop-ups that alert you that your computer has been infected. They can even be disguised as false security alerts that will tell you your computer is being attacked and that you should direct your browser page to

How the Antivirus Sentry Works runs a fake scan and will tell you that you are infected with different kinds of Malware and Spyware. After the scan you will be coerced into making a purchase. The price of the antivirus sentry ranges from $34.95, $49.95 or $119.95. Your credit card information will then be exchanged for absolutely nothing.

It has also been noted that Antivirus Sentry will install on your computer, after a scan of your resources, without your consent. You can pay the money but that only means you will be getting more malware, spyware and adware in exchange.

The Antivirus Sentry is also a resource absorber. While scanning,  your computer will slow down and the multitasking of programs may become sloppy. This leads to conflicts, errors and frozen screens. This kind of problem only increases the wear on your computer. If you look at the Antivirus Sentry in the processes window, you will notice that it is being used by your CPU more than your operating system.

If you even try to Add/Remove Programs, you will find that it cannot be removed. You will have to manually remove the infection or in the worst case scenario, reformat your operating system.

In this case, you will have to get yourself a real and certified anti-spyware program to prevent the Antivirus Sentry from accessing your computer again. Authorized anti-spyware programs are regularly updated, therefore removing any threat from  rogue anti-spyware programs or Trojans that want access to your computer.