Today, the battle between Apple and Microsoft is at its best, especially when a certain executive from Microsoft threw a Windows Vista under the bus, just to have the opportunity to bash the antenna problems of iPhone4. Back then, this rivalry was at its tips, but, now, it is booming like a mushroom cloud.

According to Kevin Turner, the Chief Operating Officer of Microsoft, iPhone4 is much more effective than Vista. He gave this statement during the Worldwide Partner Conference of the company.

The antenna of iPhone 4 is actually a hardware problem, and not a software problem, despite the claims of Apple. In fact, the issue is just glaring because of what should be a critically lauded phone, as Apple is used to globally launching successful products.

Windows Phone 7 Like Microsoft Vista?

However, there is also a possibility that Windows Phone 7, the upcoming Smartphone OS that will be coming from Microsoft, could be a version from Microsoft Vista. This comparison, according to experts, is also not flawless either as Vista was actually heavily revamped from Windows XP. Windows Phone 7 is actually a ground-up overhaul. Still, no one can deny the fact that there are some similarities between the two separate two entities.

What Reviews Say

According to Galen Gruman’s review of the product from Microsoft during the Mobile Beat conference, the former company seems to have some interface issues that they need to work out in Windows Phone 7. For example, the cut-off screens that can be found on each of the menu slides have oversized tiles, which could be a bit confusing, especially for beginners in the field of technology.

The aforementioned review sounds a bit like the majority of the reviews regarding Vista, which actually has an interface that was generally observed as one step back from Windows XP.

Aside from the faulty interface, this particular phone also has some industry-standard features missing, such as copy and paste capabilities as well as multi-tasking features. Plus, it has no browser support for HTML5. And, as if to rub salt to the wound, it has no Adobe Flash, either. The absence of these aforementioned features could be very disappointing to those who expect much from such product.

It reflects that there is an existing hesitation to adapt to the present platform where there are new and more technologically-inclined options from other companies like Apple. Once again, that sounds much like Vista.

Additionally, Microsoft is actually not largely rooting for Windows Phone 7. The company will still support, ship and also sell Windows Mobile 6.5. This now outdated mobile OS will now be a holdout in this particular enterprise, just like how Windows XP was.

Today, with all the negative feedback this particular product has been getting, Microsoft intends to take a bold step in recreating this particular mobile OS. But, just like how Windows 7 is always regarded as something that Windows Vista should have been, the mobile overhaul might still require a new generation just to get things right.