According to a research carried out by ABI, about 62 per cent of the non smartphones market will be controlled by Google’s Android and Chrome operating system, Palm’s web operating system and Intel-Nokia’s MeeGo as well. The above represent some of the Linux based operating systems that the research firm projected would be controlling the market by the 62 per cent margin by the year 2015.

Linux Devices to take 62% of market

As Google’s Android continues to claim its rightful leading position in the market currently and its Chrome operating system as well cutting out its own niche as a leader, the firm projects that the Linux based operating systems such as mobile gadgets with the functionality will be responsible for the 62 per cent of the operating systems in usage in non-smartphone mobile appliances by the year 2015. The ABI market research report was released on Wednesday last week and the forecasts are mainly based the ever increasing usage of the Linux based mobile phones.

ABI Research said it undertook its forecasts given the fact that, lately, there has been a sustained growth curve in the use of mobile phones that have the Linux based operating system in the market place. The research firm further said in a statement that the number of Linux based undertakings of late witnessed in the mobile telephony sector is a clear indicator that Linux is going to be a crucial piece of technology in the future for devices that are mobile such as netbooks, media tablets amongst others.

Scattered Market

ABI Research further indicated that, whereas the mobile phone market place currently as it is appears scattered, most mobile gadgets are unified by Linux and its upstream parts especially the Linux kernel that has been crucial in encouraging research as it helps a number of providers share the research and development costs. However, the company noted that the final consumer product are decided upon by the providers individual application and the operating system environments inclusive of the ones I had mentioned earlier such as Google’s Android and Chrome operating system, Palm’s WebOS and Intel-Nokia’s MeeGo. Even so, it was notably disturbing as iPhone was absent from this future predictions on the mobile phones market.

Projected Future of Linux

The future remains to be seen but Linux based phones are continually claiming their place in the mobile market with a marked increase in the number of mobile devices uses Linux based operating systems. They include devices such as quite a number of the LiMo Foundation that is yet to leave any impact on the Linux enabled mobile phone market even though the research predicts that their numbers will go up considerably in terms of handsets given the fact that there are going to be more and more phones introduced into the market from additional members.

It therefore remains to be seen what will happen in the predicted future as ABI Research ascertains. Even so, the company said it was currently working on a market place report for the Linux based smartphones. In the meantime, waiting is all we can do to find out how the ever growing Linux platform will play out.