Content creation is the term associated with web serving. It is the content available on websites, uploaded on the server. The worldwide adoption of the social networking websites is continuously increasing. If we compare the data of past few years, we find that there is a gradual fall in content creation for social networking sites. This shows the lack of new ideas and awareness among people. Apart from this, the other forms of social network interactions have no significant growth in past years. These are the facts based on recent studies on the data collected from a number report.

Forrester Research is a market research company which uses its independent technology and Jacqueline Anderson is the Insights Analyst in the company. According to Jacqueline Anderson, the Content Creation is being on gradual fall on Social Networks. The data collected from the various networking sites called the technographics data proves that the progress rate of content creation on the social networking sites is progressing at a very slow rate. The Social Technographics data can play a vital role in understanding the gist behind it. Certain social media network approach to resolve the issue of slowing down of content creation on social networks. Now I am going to give an clear example to illustrate it. Around 40 percent of the metropolitan Chinese consumers can be classified as the Collectors. The data collected for Europe is only 10 percent. According to further research data the Chinese consumers with tools easily generate the contents for the networking websites. There is about 11 percent increase in the peoples who joined the social networking sites, in Europe alone. While the data collected for metro China is around 18 percent. Australia make an increment of 11 percent for its social networking website users. If we compare all the global data for the growth of social networking websites, we found that North America is still lagging with the slowest growth. North America has a grown less than even eight percent. While on the other hand, between year 2009 and 2010, no growth is observed in the markets for creating the social contents for social networking websites. According to Anderson such a growth in the content of networking websites indicates the lack of fresh ideas among the peoples. A lack in the growth of social creation translates into a lack of content and perspectives. For example, around thirty five percent of online US consumers regularly watch the videos generated by the users, available on video sites like YouTube. But only around 10 percent of online US consumers upload their videos to public sites. The efforts of people are required to create the social networking website content.

So, we can say that social networking sites are on a gradual fall, people are loosing their interests and there is a need to increase the progress rate for content creation on social networking websites.