Fresh Explorations By Intel: D510 and D525 (Atom Dual Core Processors)

No doubt that the Intel is among the big names and the leaders that attract companies most towards their processors and other computing related technologies and services as they are the biggest brand names in the IT industry for exemplification. Intel has consolidated its position and holdings more in the market from the time it introduced its atom line processors. Intel was under the right criticism by its rival companies and customers while releasing these processors but 20-30 months after the inception of their technology it is now continuously introducing more and more powerful ,Atom Dual Core processors into the IT market.

New Processors
The recently introduced new processors include D510 and D525 .They are among the line of Atom processors and are dual cored chips that is more powerful and operates on very low voltages in comparison to the previous edition of Atom processors.

Both the processors got the official announcement and recommendation at the 2010 computex. D510 is a 1.66 GHz atom and D525 is a 1.8GHz atom processor. These processors are 2 cored and both of them have 4 threads. The Hyper threading technology is also included in these processors. There is just a minute difference in the 2 processors i.e. concerned with the clock system. The clocking of D510 is done a tad bit lower than D525 processor. These processors are much more impressive and efficient compared to other.


The to new processors are better but if compared between themselves then D525 is bit less impressive inline with D510 according to the surveys and testing result shown by Pc magzine’s reviews .While when the review related to D510 were inspected it was found that GMA3150 integrated graphical device was also credited with the above processor. This brings in the NVIDIA graphical devices for direct face to face competition with D510 and D525.There are no doubts left about the performance of the NVIDIA graphics
Processing units as they perform much better when tested for intensive tests related to graphics .Thus when the Intel dual core products D510 and D525 are used with NVIDIA product ION 2 graphics they seems like a perfect match for each other and their combination could be very helpful in production of some best Notebooks. Such notebooks can be useful for performing media related as well as task related to everyday life .


These processors are basically used in notebooks,palmtops and tablet electronic devices that require fast data processing. Soon they will be seen in notebooks as it will also help Intel to maintain their top most position in the IT market and other processor relating fields.

As the customers nowadays are used to fast processors and lots of data managing so these processors could really be helpful in lowering their time requirements and tensions. For further details and enquiries below mentioned link can be referred.