Yes, you heard it right; the large business will now be able to convert Neoware thin client hardware into universal desktops in just under £25, thanks to the latest Universal Desktop Converter developer by IGEL technology.

The company proudly announced that they’ve made use of the latest protocols and clients to take care of conversion of early generation Neoware thin client PCs into a universal desktop, so that large businesses don’t have to waste a lot of money on upgrading.

£25 is peanuts for converting your outdated desktop with Neoware thin client running, into a universal desktop, which will be able to perform all the tasks accomplished by a modern PC.

What’s more, this innovative IGEL UDC software will be capable of converting good old PCs and thin clients to an IGEL Universal Desktop, which can be remotely managed! So, now it will be cakewalk to transform Neoware e140, e90, or e50 devices, because all that you need to do is to install company’s Universal Firmware onto the devices, and simply observe the transition to an IGEL Universal Desktop, or any other desktop virtualization environment for that matter.

And, the best part of the story is that you don’t have to bear the expense of replacing the entire client hardware, and £25 sounds more than reasonable for such an excellent option. Therefore, various companieswill be able to extend the lifecycle of their existing infrastructure, and avoid the unnecessary expenses of purchasing new hardware. Furthermore, upgrading old thin clients to an IGEL Universal Desktop will also open up a whole realm of functionalities such as ability to connect to the latest Quest, VMware, or Citrix clients.

IGEL Technology happens to be third largest client vendor by revenue in the global markets, and a dominating player in the German market. They’ve been known for producing widest range of thin clients, based on all popular platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, and others too.

They’re the masters in virtual desktops, and of server-based infrastructure management. Moreover another impressive thing about IGEL is that IGEL Thin Clients come bundled totally free of cost, along with their custom remote management suite called UMS (Universal Management Suite), which in turn ensures that you perform administration, and secure remote configuration of thin clients in a hassle free manner, with minimal efforts.

With the latest Universal Desktop Converter, one can also convert the good old Fujitsu Futro S100, HP t5745, current HP 5545; t5735 models, Acer Veriton N260G, Fujitsu S450, S500, S550, and Dell Optiplex FX160, apart from the Neoware models.

The UDC will be available in three configurations – the advanced, standard, as well as entry level software packages. The noteworthy thing about this update is that customers will be able to simply plug-in and boot their outdated thin clients from the USB drive, and the IGEL Universal Firmware will be transferred onto their system automatically.