When it comes to spreading the news about the latest happenings, Twitter has always been at the top, helping people with the best information. This is what Twitter did late last weekend. During the G20 weekend, late on Saturday, a group of peaceful protestors was suddenly encircled by the police in their riot gears. The group of protestors was silently being followed by Steve Paikin, the host of The Agenda broadcasted on TVO. Paikin closely followed the street along with the protestors and tweeted about the protest and the thoughts of the protestors.

Initially, all his comments indicated about the peaceful protest and the minds of all activists, bloggers and other people taking part in the protest. But suddenly, things in the protest changed and his messages became extremely alarming. Paikin tweeted messages stating that the entire protestor’s perimeter was suddenly encircled by cops in their riot gears. The next tweets further mentioned that the cops were closing in at the protestors for no reason and were later arresting the activists using their rubber bulles. Soon, the entire story was captured by network crews giving the latest reports about the story. With the other network crews, Twitter also provided the recent updates about the issue along with links to live videos from the frontline of the protestors. The news channels broadcasted all the information they had gathered about the incident gaining a lot of attention of their viewers. They kept repeating the footage of the protestors burning the police cars and another group of protestors who were encircled by the cops in the early hours of a beautiful Sunday morning.

However, Twitter had its own style about spreading the word about this incidence. The socializing website distributed these videos to its entire circle of people that was viewed by innumerable number of people across the world. People owning the new age smartphones with twitter integration in it was able to share the latest updates about the incidence. As a result, all casual twitter users came across a new face of twitter apart from being just a socializing website for expressing their thoughts and activities. This was indicated by the innumerable number of followers that Paikin had gained overnight with their informational tweets. As a result, its proved over again that these latest media sources,no matter if they are the radio, telephones, televisions or the internet, they all fuel controversial revolutions very easily.

Currently, Twitter is most commonly used by people in the west. This information was learnt as the maximum numbers of retweets are usually obtained from the users in the west, no matter how much information they had about the protestors. However, even after the incidence, people have not stopped tweeting about the sudden incident. Hence, it has been again established that these social media sites greatly help in creating news and a noticeable public record. This has hence helped people know about the different known facts and their truth which until now was not possible.