It is quite possible that soon we will have a device that will make eye check-up amongst children fun as they will be asked to watch cartoons and play video games.

Scientists at the University of Tennessee Space Institute are going to come out with a new device that could well be a revelation. We all know how difficult it is to tame an ebullient child. Parents have to try very hard to make their ward sit patiently for a medical test. However, if the test has the kid watching a cartoon or playing a video game, it will turn out to be a hassle-free affair most of the time. The device that the researchers are going to bring out is called the Dynamic Ocular Evaluation System (DOES). It can look for abnormalities in a child’s eyes while they are nonchalantly giggling at the antics of some cartoon character or trying to get the better of their competitor in an engrossing online game.

DOES is a reasonably priced, first-rate product that one can learn to operate in just a minute. Infrared light is used for the inspection of the eye and the toddler sitting on the chair does not require to dilate their eyes or communicate verbally. The machine records digital images that can be sent to specialists via the Internet if necessary.

DOES is capable of detecting every possible disorder that hampers proper vision. The need for such a device becomes all the more important as vision disorders, if unheeded, can lead to severe disabilities like Dyslexia. For now, researchers are drawing a comparison between the results sought out from their new invention and those that one normally comes across in a conventional or a routine test.

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