Elgato’s Eye TV HD is a hardware that captures the signals from cable or a satellite receiver and tunes it in high definition on your Mac, iPhone and even iPad from now on. Eye TV HD is a hardware that sits between the cable receiver and your Apple device.

Bored with the usual television viewing in low quality, expecting more from your Mac still not getting it delivered, and so Elgato comes with a unique solution which will become a DVR for your Mac. The Eye TV HD is hardware that connects your various entertainment receivers and your computer and lets you watch and record anything. The hardware box attracts a 1080i signal over component from your DVR or cable box or Blu-ray player, and records that video to your Mac using Elgato’s own desktop DVR software. Basically Eye TV is software that turns your Mac into an entertainment hub by recording DVR and 1080i picture quality videos. It makes your Mac more than what it was. In short it a Mac compatible tuner to record videos.

Moving on with the technology the Eye TV HD box is not only limited to your Mac, but can also play streaming videos on your iPhone and iPad. The hardware device connects via a USB and offers H. 264 rips. You save the DVR, H. 264 and even live telecast videos on your hard disks, which in terms offered by Apple are always huge. 720p), as does output, and there’s one more trick. The box can simultaneously play iPhone and iPad friendly video formats which one can plug into iTunes to watch whenever one feels like, or directly stream on to the device. With the iPad support even live television in high definition is possible.

While no extra power cable is provided, the hard ware box is USB powered and comes with a remote control and an IR beamer. It allows the users to change the channels on the iPhone or iPad directly from you Mac. The blasting feature is that one doesn’t really need to connect the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your Macintosh, and no need even to sync to transfer the recorded video, one can directly download the Eye TV software available on a paltry price on Apple Store, and there you have the accessibility of live TV, high definition TV and 1080i picture quality videos. The videos are streamed on the hand held devices via Wi-Fi or 3G. Also the dual format playback allows faster playing of videos on your iPad or iPhone.

You can watch, pause the live videos, and above it you can edit the unwanted parts from the recorded videos and create your own clips. Also the recorded videos can be shared on your Mac network. Eye TV HD is the only solution that gives you full access to all that premium content by connecting your Mac directly to your cable or satellite receiver. So if you have a Mac in hand, and panache for High Definition then with its cutting technology Eye TV HD is the way to go.