At the recent F8 conference in Silicon Valley, Mark Zuckerberg, has unveiled some bold new products, which will enable IT companies to have a personalized touch of the Internet, through Facebook.

Facebook aims to create tools that are user-friendly and enable users to interact on the Internet using their Facebook accounts.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook,” We are building toward a web where the default is social. If you look back a few years ago and even as recently as today, in most cases the web isn’t designed to use your friends. They don’t assume you have a real identity but we are seeing that seep in more and more.”

Apart from just giving a personal touch to the web, Facebook will bring in a revolution as to how users surf through the Internet, interact and buy products online. As the Internet has begun to become less anonymous, Facebook seeks to establish hegemony over Google.

Earlier no one would have thought that Facebook would come with an open challenge to Google, but the recent strategy that has been unfolded by Mark Zuckerberg, seems to set a new horizon in the history of the Internet. Google posed a threat to Microsoft and had stolen some limelight from it, in recent years. But now the big fish (Google) will have to see how much of deep water it is in, after Facebooks open declaration.

The strategy to increase Facebook’s dominance will not only be a business opportunity but also raise questions on Internet privacy. For the time being Mark Zuckerberg has silenced all, by providing a permeable glance at Facebook’s distant future.