Facadeprinter; is actually a robot that is software controlled. It will shoot colours onto the walls from an unimaginable distance of 40 feet away. It is a true spectator which can be watched and amazed by innumerable people. It can invariably from the largest installation of true art for the people to admire. Calvin; the work on the wall was essentially formed by Facadeprinter. The primary creation of this unique device is to envision the large scale images signifying either the medical help or the fresh water which is utilized mainly in the efforts of relief.

Today, the inkjet printers are producing an image with utilization of thousands of tiny ink dots. Instead of a print head and ink cartridge the user has to imagine a printer that highly utilizes the paintball gun and color pellets. This is what actually this device does in reality; it forms beautiful memorable images on the grand walls. This device is, however, invented by three legendaries from Germany, the eminent designers Martin Fussenegger and Michael Sebastian Haas and eventually engineer Julian Adenauer. This robot which is essentially software controlled can shoot color either on the wall or on the other surfaces and make the spectacular watch it as the evolution of the largest installation of not only art but also beauty.

Fussenegger, Haas and Adenauer, the three inventors have felt that the applications of this robot should be applicable in efforts of disaster relief, symbol of the medical facilities, fresh water and last but not least danger zone. Thus this small device can be an effective and rapid means of communication in public. This device is integrated with two axis turntable and an air pressure print head. This device can be safely closed when taken for transport. This modified paintball marker is highly mounted on 2 axis turntable. It is incorporated with touch screen for operation control and USB port for the input of file. Other two important components of this device are called the large scale communication tool. These are the ball tower for holding pellets and the cylinder filled with compressed air. The printer can offer the printout that could be taken at 26 feet greatly from safe distance of 40 feet away from the wall. The investors have utilized their invention to print on concrete, plastic, brick, steel and eventually glass.

Thus, Facadeprinter is simply not a complex robot. It will print huge artworks out from the box onto the walls. It essentially works on digital artwork software in which the thousands of colour balls are fired by the motor place and the air pressure marker. Artwork is dot by dot. It is truly an architectural design of an inkjet printer. Mounted on 2 axis turntable the paintball marker which is modified offers the best control on the input and the operation. This device is a symbol of faster and more effective communication. So, Facadeprinter is the ultimate provider offering the largest installation depicting not only its art but also its hidden beauty.