Facebook has recently achieved another milestone by being a home to around 5 million users that is a considerable portion of the total audience that is using internet these days. This certainly is a great achievement and the company is really happy with this but the analysts around the world are making assumptions of where would be the social network aiming. The company has been setting standards by far in the world of internet by giving all the useful technologies integrated at just one place.

The technologies that Facebook brought in were all available to people from all around the world with no patent as there was no patent to the email technology. People can share their thoughts, comments on the thoughts, photos and videos all across with no one stopping you from doing this. No patent will be violated this way. The social networks, open-source social or open social networking, whatever you call them is certainly not new to the market.

History of Social Networking:

There has been a service known as Indenti.ca for quite some time now that was being run by StatusNet but there was none before Twitter and Facebook to reach such an extent. The networks are now making their moves in order to make the best out of the word social and are finding ways in which one social network be integrated with another. There seems to be a strong federation coming in near future that is going to share data in between them to make the experience even better. The photo tagging feature of Facebook known to all the people is the perfect example to this.

The interoperation of stuff seems inevitable now as you need to make sure that you have the information available on all the networks. The standards are being defined lately as the history has many events where the network resisting such changes was to face a lot of difficulties. AOL was the first that did this as they offered email addresses and there was no way back in 1992, 1993 that you can send an email from your AOL account to an email account on any other operator network.

The email operators brought in the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol in order to make the servers share emails between each other. The sharing services are one of the essential elements in the market.

AOL vs. Facebook in terms of Privacy standards:

AOL was one of the most popular of the platform in the 1990s as it gave many of the unique and exclusive features that no other service gave around in the world. These included email, chatting and web surfing. The standards at AOL were quite high and therefore they had their own privacy standards. That was the reason why people started looking for alternatives as soon as there were available in the market. The same seems to happen with Facebook.

Facebook is certainly ruling the market but there is one thing that the company is not considering neither is it thinking about. The interoperability is not under their sight right now and this might come up as a huge limitation when the internet will turn up to more interactive and better features.