Bump is an application that allows the users of Smartphone to ‘bump’ their phones together in order to share their contact information. The latest version of iphone that is introduced recently has got the facility of social networking.

Bump- What is it for?

The purpose of bump is to allow the users of iphone and Android handsets to share the contact information without a wire. With the help of bumps we can minimize the need to physically contact a person and the need of exchange of the business cards. The electronic tools can be used in a good way to exchange the information among us and to save our money and resources.

Bump 2.0 adds instant Facebook and twitter friending. It adds a number of new features that excite the users. The new feature list is quick connections through Facebook and Twitter and other networks as well. The bumps work like this, when you bump with another bump user then you are able to connect to twitter or friend them on Facebook. You can easily connect to friends on Facebook and Twitter by using bumps.

The bump 2.0 for iphone adds a number of new features that act as a host for the bump. It allows the users to compare the calendars, view the common availability, and sends the invitations and can also receive the invitations that will be saved into the iphone’s on-board calendar that is already in your iphone.

The bumping provides people a number of good ways of salutation, who are not comfortable with handshakes. People have several choices to give there contact information in their desirable manner.  The new applications also include a number of features like chatting through which the users are able to send the data and also receive the data from other handsets without bumping each other. Its most exciting feature is that it supports the unlimited sharing of photos and contacts. You will feel the difference when you will use it. You will be able to share your information with others and you would also be able to get their useful information and any specific information that you need. You will also be able to share your pictures with others and would also be able to view their pictures. The mobile professionals can clearly understand this application and is preferably used by them.

Working of Bump

The software works when both the iphones have the application installed and running in them and have active data connections that are through Wi-Fi or cellular. You can easily download the application from the iTunes application store. Once you have got it right you can use it in any way you want and for whatever purpose you want to. It is simple to use and efficient in working. You can easily access your friends and also share your stuff with them. Bump is also working on its new versions as well and soon they will also become available.