The SRE holdings announced that the Scientific News International has launched Private Beta for the doctors. It will provide a progressive doctor to doctor social networking platform for the doctors.  This platform supplies the networking facility to the doctors and is basically designed to certify the medical professionals. The SNI has hold back a number of doctors serving as the Editor-in-Chiefs its editorial board in order to participate in the beta. This makes them able to access the interface and interact and utilize the platform. They can also test the features and can also give the useful and constructive feedback for its betterment.

Mode of Interaction:

The doctors will test the platform with other doctors around them and at other medical institutions as well. This will help the growth of the site.

Doctor to doctor network on Facebook is really a constructive step towards the betterment of the medical field. If the doctors will easily approach each other and discuss different diseases with each other they will sort out new and better solutions for the patients. The doctors will be able to interact with each other throughout the world; they will get better chances to share their stuff and research with each other. It has got attributes that include full video and sharing capabilities through which the medical professionals can share their work with each other and interact on certain topics. This makes the brilliant minds to discover new things and make their mind much more exposed to new researches and new remedies. The doctors can also participate in different forums.


The doctors participating in the private beta will have to submit their weekly reports. The site will also consider these reports and make useful information for other medical professionals. The doctor will be able to discuss their daily situations with each other and will be able to improve their abilities. The doctors with same state of mind will be able to built good relations with each other. There will be better health care reforms.  This is of real benefit to their patients as their doctors will consult the case of the patient with other doctors as well and therefore will find a better result than analyzing it all alone.

The company not only provides the infrastructure that provides the basic needs of most of the doctors but also provides a wealth of bells that serves as a part of the doctor’s day to day work.  The doctors are able to learn more about the diseases and medicines through other doctors. They would not have to do a lot of research. The experience and knowledge of other doctors will make them able to understand certain new things. They will get benefit from the research of other doctors.  The company is planning a more user friendly interface and is taking several steps towards the completion of the medical social platform for the medical professionals. With the success of this the doctors will get very good chances to avail and will get great benefits.