One of the biggest and most popular social networks, Facebook, has recently announced that it reached five hundred million users. Although it is not official yet, that is a considerable achievement, surpassing in traffic even giants like Google and Twitter. It is also more than the number of Windows 7 licenses.

Call for celebrations

To mark this great success, which also coincides with the third anniversary of the Facebook platform, the network plans to throw a huge party and start celebrating even before the end of July. Another threat that Facebook has planned for its faithful supporters is the launch of the application “Facebook Stories.”

The application would actually represent collections of stories from Facebook users how the network changed their life such as finding old friends, a better job or true love. This would also prove that, aside from the casual games and applications, Facebook also brings something useful to people’s lives. Behind the number of five hundred million, stand real people, not just accounts.

However, there still are those who dislike the social applications, claiming that it is nothing more than a corporate monster, which does everything to please the advertisers. In recent customer satisfaction surveys users have pointed out multiple complaints for various features – from privacy and security concerns to constant interface changes and spam.

The success in numbers

Apparently, five hundred million is not enough for Facebook. The company expects to reach six hundred million users and one billion dollars revenue before the end of the year. Here are some of the other impressive estimations of Facebook since its founding in 2004.

Almost half of the active users log on every day and spend over seven hundred billion minutes in Facebook monthly. The users interact with over nine hundred million objects in the form of pages, groups, events and communities. In addition to that, they share more than thirty billion content items – links, news, photos and so on.

Since seventy percent of Facebook users are located outside the United States, the site is already translated in seventy languages with the help of more than three hundred thousand users. The Facebook Platform engages with over a million developers and businessmen from more than hundred and eighty countries. The platform is currently engaged by more than seventy percent of the users, hundred and fifty million people, five hundred and fifty thousand applications and a million websites.

It is no wonder that Facebook has celebrated such a success. They have connected people from all corners of the world and brought a new meaning to global communication.