A recent research by comScore, a leading company in measuring the digital world, show that social networking giant Facebook, had a high score of more than 141 million unique visitors in the US alone during the month of June. This has come as a new record, beating the previous record of 130 million set in the month of May by more than 11 million. Posing as a great threat to others of its king the social network has been doubling its traffic year in year out. Most notably, from 77 million in the year 2009 to the current figure in the US alone. Facebook has blown far past its competition- Twitter and Myspace being the significant, both of which have shown minor growth as compared to Facebook in the past year according to comScore’s statistics.

A good lead.

The research carried out by comScore and represented on a graph, indicates that Facebook took the day with a good lead way ahead of the rest. Myspace was a far second with its readings showing little to smile about. The case was the same with twitter following a far third place way behind Myspace in terms of figures.


In comparisons based on comScore’s graph representation, Myspace and twitter have seen little growth in the US with the presence of Facebook in the recent past. Statistics show that while Myspace’s poor performance was nothing to be surprised of, Twitters numbers can be deceptive. Majority of its users connect to Twitter by use of mobile apps, and desktops and not through its website as measured by comScore.

However, Twitter is quick on its defense, stating that it is still seeing growing traffic in terms of tweet volume.


Facebook’s latest privacy humiliation (though seemingly behind it) gave a lot of its users a good enough reason to quit the site. Controversies are loved by many, and even though some are blown out of proportion, intentionally or not, they still remain controversies. The Facebook privacy saga was a topic of debate for quite some time but it later diminished in the course of time plus a rise in bigger and newer controversies. With 11 million new users as compared to the previous month the public seems to have calmed down on Facebook’s part.

Continuous growth.

Globally, Facebook enjoys a total audience of 500 million monthly users and the figure is growing. However, its officials have not released any figures in the recent past. At some point, most of the growth seemed to have been coming from outside market. But analysts are saying that the US might offer reliability in terms of market as well.

The growth of the social network in the already saturated market has been increasing in the recent past and Facebook is getting close to being the largest website in the US, top being Google.

Talking of Google, it had 179 million visitors in May in the US. This is considering that the figure is as a result of its entire site.

According to there findings, there seems not to be any end to Facebook’s growth in the near future.