In the recent times, Facebook has been surrounded by quite a few accusations and legal issues, despite its growing popularity amongst the surfers across the world. But in the latest corporate drama, Facebook’s CEO and Founder, Mark Zuckerberg, was handed with certain legal papers during a media lunch held in the Sun Valley in Idaho. Usually, all major companies are dragged into the court of law for minor or greater issues, but breaching through a high security event and then handing legal papers to the CEO of a leading company is no common condition.

Zuckerberg Handed Notice

In the previous year, facebook had faced quite a few legality issues due to its privacy conditions, security, data storage, and many more similar conditions. However, most of these issues were slowly managed and sorted by the socializing site, thus recreating their lost trust in the hearts of their users. Regarding the latest notice, it is believed that Zuckerberg should respond to this notice based on the US law, although, the reason for the notice is not yet known. Even Facebook officials were not available for comments due to the weekend. This only raised the suspicion if Facebook was seriously at stake.

Over a long time, Facebook has been the center for a series of controversies which could possible take the company to its downfall. However, while the other top spot websites fight with each other for gaining the lead in the competition for the best software sales and hardware launches, Facebook seems completely unstoppable against all other networking sites. But for now, it is time that all the due legal processes are sorted by the company before taking its features to a newer level. Also, it is now the waiting period for all media personals, unless the company representatives release news about the latest legality issue that occurred this weekend.

Facebook Facing Trial?

Denise Howell, a lawyer by profession stated that in the initial condition of this new legal fight, it’s not quite clear of who the defendant really is. According to Howell, handing the notice personally to Zuckerberg may possibly force him to undergo a trial if needed or even give evidence in this particular case about his company or for himself. There are also chances that this entire issue is personal and not at all related to the company. If the case was at all related to Facebook then there would have been more number of conventional media reports describing about the entire situation. Hence, it is thought that the case is more likely personal and not commercial. However, in case the legal issue turns out as a serious corporate issue, then it will surely have a knockout effect on its more than 400 million users from all across the world.

According to certain sources it is known that the plaintiff has a criminal history is currently under condemnation. Many think that the entire situation was a “publicity stunt” while an official statement was later passed out stating that the company will fight against the complaint and come out clean.