There have been many stipulations about Facebook in the market lately yet there seems to be no proof from the officials if this is true or these are all rumors only. There has been recent news that Facebook is going to have a Delete Account button pretty soon that will enable people to delete their Facebook accounts permanently from the network.

Official Statement:

The officials on the other hand are non responsive on such issues. They have recently come up with the “ask a question” option and there were official blogs about the benefits on the service but there seems to be nothing potential in this regard. They refer to this as one of the many tests that the company has been running in the past as well while there seems to be no serious thing associated with this. The feature is said to be available to a small percentage of users. The testing process is a normal at Facebook where they term the testing to be a feedback from the users. It tells the company if the new test has helped the users in any way; if it does, the feature is launched with the final fabrication and if it doesn’t, the engineers go back to the designing again.

Delete Account button in the past:

Facebook did have a delete account button previously but it was not that effective back then. You used to delete your account from the control panel that lies somewhere in the Facebook’s Help Center. You were supposed to click the button and do a few more things just to finalize the issue before your account was deactivated for 14 days and if there seemed no activity on your account for those 14 days, the account was deleted. The moment you log in within the 2 week deactivation period, the account was instantly reactivated. The reactivation even takes place even when you do not log in the main site but use the Facebook connect to a third party site.

The delete account option was working for only those people around the world who were really determined to have their accounts deleted. In addition to that, deletion of account of your child who has been messing around on Facebook even when you were alarming them is not possible. This was only possible before if you killed your child’s account and didn’t let him use the account for two complete weeks but this seems quite difficult. Anything with a browsed and internet connection will make him go to Facebook and reactivate it with just a single log in.


Everyone wishes that this rumor be true so that you can use your authority to get rid of your Facebook account or any other account that belongs to any of your family member. Through the service, you can just log in for once and delete the account. It will not be available anymore, not for even a second instance. This will be a great benefit to all the parents out there the children of whom do not leave the computer chair throughout the day just because they are busy with their Facebook accounts.