The British Prime Minister decided to have a certain Facebook fan page dedicated for a dead gunman removed. Although the fan page is gone now, Facebook strongly says that they were not the ones behind the removal.

Raoul Moat triggered a manhunt with a bounty on his head after he shot his former girlfriend, her new lover, as well as wounded a cop. After virtually one week in hiding, he committed suicide only last week since he had nothing else do as he was cornered by the police.

About the Fan Page

The fan page was called R.I.P. Raoul Moat You Legend, and it attracted around thirty eight thousand fans, with a lot of positive comments that contained high appraisal for the killer.

It was on a Thursday when its fans suddenly realized that the fan page they were visiting daily has now disappeared. Whoever was behind the removal of the fan page has still not yet been identified. A certain UK politician kept calling Facebook to have the site down, but Facebook blatantly refused. But, now, the site is gone, and Facebook claims they had nothing to do with it.

David Cameron, the present UK Prime Minister says that he finds it difficult to understand how anyone could hold sympathy towards a very callous murderer. During a speech in the House of Commons, he said that Raoul Moat was a callous killer, and nothing more.

His fan page was actually built by his fans to be somewhat of a memorial page for the thirty seven year old former bouncer. In no time at all, for an unknown reason, many felt sympathetic towards him and started to praise him, even for his wrongdoings. His page attracted lots of scores of enthusiastic tributes. Plus, it gained more popularity since it triggered outrage from the country’s politicians.

Word from the Page Creator

After further investigation, it has now been found out that the fan page was actually taken down by its own creator, Siobhan O’Dowd. She says, in a report, that she decided to take it down since it got a lot of negative reaction, despite having nearly forty thousand loyal followers. She even said that she never expected that the fan page she created would get a lot of negative feedback.

At present, another Moat tribute fan page is still up, with over nine thousand fans, and counting. Although O’Dowd has stated that she plans to create a new Moat memorial, she has still not yet disclosed more information regarding her plans. Also, she has not yet explained precisely how different this new one will be from the previous one that she took down.

However, she did explain why she created the first page in the first place. She said that although she did not condone his wrongdoings since she admits that what Moat did was ultimately wrong, she still feels very sorry for his family. She ended her statement saying that Moat was still a human being at the end of the day.

For those who do not know much about Raoul Moat, aside from the fact that he used to work as a bouncer at a certain club, he actually was just released from prison. He served a prison term for assault after he committed murder.