If you are an avid and active user of Facebook then perhaps you are knowledgeable on the different fan pages that are available in the networking site. Fan pages are made not by Facebook itself but users who are interested enough in putting up and building a fan page over a certain matter. Users who are the founders of the fan pages are called administrators. They are also the one responsible for the updates of the fan page. They are also responsible for information dissemination in connection to the topic of the matter of the fan page.

Popular Facebook Fan Pages

Different fan pages are available for different aspects and topics. There are fan pages for the celebrities and powerful authorities like Oprah, Britney Spears and Robert Pattinson. Fan pages are also available for sports personalities like Roger Federrer, Rafael Nadal in the niche of tennis and Tiger Woods in the golf niche. Even legal departments and organizations also have an account. This is because Facebook is primarily very beneficial for information dissemination on the part of the organizations and departments.

And so the existence of the Docs.com was made possible by Microsoft and Facebook for the benefit of the users. The Docs.com was created for easier information dissemination on statuses of the fan pages, messages be it private or not and the like. Documents could now be shared in the light of the website. With the many requests on the document sharing from the fan page administrators, Facebook does not seem to have a choice but to comply. Though honestly, at first, Facebook and Microsoft are focusing on document sharing that could be done individually from a user to a user, sharing a document through the administrator to the fans of the fan page is not really a bad idea.

According to Pat Kinsel who is the Docs.com product manager, the website is not yet fully utilized and made compared to the Google Docs. There are still many things that the website could be done to improve its services which is the reason why updates are made weekly to answer the demands of the users.

Docs.com Benefits

Docs.com is very beneficial to the point that a single document could reach 5,000 of your friends. And with its launching an announcement in the Facebook F8 developers, thousands of users have caused the hike in the traffic of the website. With this, a light and beautiful path ahead seems to be seen at this point in time.

But aside from this, there are also disadvantages on the usage of the Docs.com. Spammer could make use of this and may use it for spamming. Moreover, there are also many applications that the Microsoft offers. The question would be to what extent is the sharing possible? Are all Microsoft applications appropriate in using the website?

Kinsel declares that indeed Google Docs is advantageous in this perspective. But the website is still at its early life. Many things and improvements are still to be expected. And this is what users should wait and anticipate for.