Facebook iPhone App begun crashing and the trend seems unlimited to any particular model of the iPhone. Users operating with the iPhone 3G and 3GS were all reporting the same problem. There has been no explanation from Facebook regarding the crashes. According to the complains, the application would open and appear for the first few seconds, but disappear completely as it attempted to load users new notifications. Multiple discussion topics were growing rapidly on the iPhone fan page on Facebook as more and more of its users (iPhone) reported the same problem.

Same posts on Twitter

While some users reported it getting back to normal, majority still reports the crash and the fact that they’ve tried uninstalling which didn’t help. The reports surfaced not only on Facebook, but also on Twitter. According to reports, the majority was on Twitter and they came from all around the world.

In line with Mathew Ingram, a senior writer at GigaOm who tweeted at around 100 P.M. EST, “seeing multiple reports about Facebook apps on the iPhone crash on loading (mine did as well)- anyone else?”

Hopeless attempts

Multiple attempts to counter app crashes have been anything but hopeful. Uninstalling then reinstalling hasn’t helped many. According to Ingram who deleted the application then reinstalled it, “the crash persisted instead of loading.” Rebooting the iPhone, changing wireless networks, nothing seems to be a solution. The crashes are happening regardless of the connection. Whether WiFi, EDGE or 3G.

According to speculations, the crash is caused by a system malfunction on Facebook’s side. So far there has been no word from Facebook on the main cause of the issue or when a solution to the problem will be available.

Hot topic

Immediately after the crashes begun, the issue became the hottest topic on blogs chat rooms, chat forums. On Apple’s official support forums online with users describing in details how the app begins to load, then midway, crashes and takes you back to the main page. Others reported that when they tried to access the ‘Notification’ tab, the screen froze and then went black after a while then took them back to the home page.

On Huffpost Social News, one writer posted, “It seems Facebook app has become a victim of some bad javaScript, either because they have changed something in their dynamic content, or perhaps something more menacing…. Facebook.com on the iPad safari browser reports and [sic] error a short time after loding the “news” feed.

Alternatives for the mean time

Though the option to access Facebook through the iPhone is available, all its users seem to be addicted to the Facebook app. Facebook’s iPhone app is the most downloaded item on iTunes. The secret behind its success is simple. There are no interface changes as compared to the web. This means that all features from status updates to messages to upload are the same.

Nothing is perfect

The crash may be causing alarms and panics among addicts but it’s nothing unlikely. As warned upon its launch that it would not be completely fool proof, subject to vulnerability and crashes, it will have to get updates from OS developers.

The problem should be addressed by both companies and hopefully, things should be back to normal as soon as possible.