This is an age where internet plays a more important role in our lives than anything else can. This bloom of social networking sites is a result of our lifestyle that demands our total connectivity with the whole world at any given time. It started out as an experiment but now has become a norm for people to have their own cyber space and hence it is no surprise that the popular social networking site “Facebook” has reached 500 million members globally.

Now Facebook was always been at odds with the US government over privacy issues and the way it handles the user’s personal information but with Facebook reaching to the global corners it has decided to hire a top shot bureaucrat to deal with these issues.

Facebook has done a very smart thing by appointing Marne Levine as their face in dealing with various governmental and nongovernmental organizations.

Marne Levine is presently working in the White house as the “Special assistant to the President for Economic Policy” and “Chief of Staff of the National Economic Council”

Although in past she has held numerous posts like Director of Product Management at Revolution Money and Director of Business Development and Strategy at Cibernet.

Her college days also reveal very impressive data as she was the Chief of Staff for the president of Harvard and has some work experience in the Department of Treasury too.  Her resume provides us with a very colorful personality and heart congratulations to the HR department of Facebook for finding her and able to bring on the board.

Marne Levine is set to join the offices from July itself and it has been said that she has expressed keen desire to build sustainable polices for Asia and Europe. All the details were provided by the Facebook offices in an emailed statement.

Although she will keep operating from Washington itself, her job description will now be to deal all the issues that have been plaguing Facebook all over the world. Most of the problems with this social networking site are related to privacy settings. Formerly all these were said to be complicated and now with simpler settings there have numerous cases of breaking which deemed Facebook in dire waters.

Since Facebook has its fair share of run-ins with government and numerous chinks have been reported in their privacy settings it will be interesting to see how Marne Levine handles this job. Though there has been a positive vibe about this happening and now all it can be done is to hope that she rescues Facebook from this doldrums and restores it in all its former glory.