The social networking behemoth Facebook has once again launched a new app Slingshot to keep users engaged by allowing them to share short-lived photos and videos with one another.

The Facebook has said to have taken the concept from competitors such as Snapchat that largely encourages people to share casual photographs and videos that will be deleted shortly after been shared. However, Slingshot has a unique feature! Well, it allows a person to view images or videos of others only when they share something before.

Not only has this but the app allows you to send a picture or video only to groups rather than to individuals improving Slingshot’s appeal. Joey Flynn, a product designer on the Slingshot project explains why the users are not allowed to see a picture before they share anything with group. “The reason why we introduced this feature in Slingshot is because it encourages people to upload more often so as to make them more creative and unprompted.”

The way Slingshot functions on your smartphone running Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS operating system is easy-to-understand. Once you access the app through your phone, you’ll be presented with a simple camera app with settings to turn the flash on or off according to your need. It has a “selfie” feature, which turns on the front-facing camera automatically and provides a list of images from other Slingshot users at the top. It then provides you an option to add text, icons or even drawings once an image or video is taken and ready to be sent to all your friends, or certain groups, or to a single person.

Facebook makes it easy for the users to connect with friends from the social network on Slingshot’s service and helps them in creating a list of friends primarily from phone numbers, gathered from a smartphone’s address book.

Facebook wants to start this app with a small group and therefore it has no plans to fly a flag about it on its website. It expects a slow and steady growth for Slingshot like Instagram, which the company has built up in 2012 with a motive to provide easy picture-sharing technique.

The company is trying its best to multiple apps with Slingshot and is hoping to outdone other apps in the competition.