How many of you send messages and texts to your friends through Facebook Messenger mobile app? Till now, you were only able to send texts, exchange locations, and share photos with friends, but now Facebook Messenger has turned into a full-featured chat app.
Details about updated Facebook Messenger

Rolled out as version 1.8, this updated messenger will allow you to switch between multiple conversations, easily and quickly. If you want to share full-screen photographs, it is very much possible. It will also instantly display all the notifications for photo tags, new comments, game request, and other types of notifications, right on your phone.
Along with this, the enhanced version of Facebook Messenger also brings in the ability to include friends of friends in threads. Another feature like ability to swipe or tap for deleting specific messages from group conversation certainly makes Facebook Messenger a worth using mobile chat app.
Why Facebook Messenger Version 1.8?

Facebook Messenger Version 1.8 is an ultimate medium to constantly remain in touch with your Facebook friends, chat in groups, receive push notifications, and view tagged photos.