It will be possible for you now to know which people have read your messages while group chatting with friends or colleagues via Facebook Messenger. Facebook has updated its Instant Messaging service with the ‘Read Receipt’ feature.

How it will benefit users?

With this update Facebook Messenger will become more transparent and at the same time it will make it harder for a user to ignore someone’s text message without the other person knowing. This update will also make it easier to tell if someone is typing and where they are located.

The ‘Read Receipt’ feature also displays the names of the people who have seen the message directly under a sent message. According to media reports, the updates will show up first in the standalone Messenger apps for iOS and Android, and after that appear in Facebook’s main mobile apps and its website.

The idea behind this update is that in real life when we talk to someone, we are able to get visual clues that the other people have received our message and are in the process of responding. In the same manner, the ‘Read Receipt’ lets us know if the recipient actually got our message, or they missed them, or whether they have just chosen not to respond.