Everyday, as we wake up, we turn to our computers and stay in front of them for long hours. The internet has truly provided us with such a wide variety of entertainment. Aside from Yahoo, Google and YouTube, the most visited websites today are social networking sites. And the people’s favorite would definitely be Facebook.

Facebook redefined what social networking is. Compared to other older social networking, Facebook is truly more addictive and fun. A person can do a lot of things through Facebook such as play games, chat with friends and post silly stuffs on the Facebook wall. It has also been a place where people display their ads and the like. Who in the world does not have a Facebook account? Even our grandparents have a Facebook page.

Facebook has truly made history.

  • Their financial performance is getting better and better.
  • It is in fact stronger than what is previously believed.
  • As the number of Facebook users exploded, the revenue hits as big as $800 million in the year 2009.

Who would have thought that this huge social networking has been created by a not-so-typical college student, Mark Zuckerberg, and his friends? Yes, Facebook started in a dorm room in the year 2004. And after 6 years, voila! Millions have joined and millions of dollars have been made.

The $800 million profits have truly proven that Facebook is number one. As of now, it is the world’s largest social network. Facebook users have reached almost about half a billion. This is really an unbelievable phenomenon. This kind of performance can attract a wide array of investors.

The financial performance of Facebook in 2009 is significantly higher than some of the figures that the networking site suggested earlier on. On July 2009, Marc Andreessen, a Facebook board member, told Reuters that they will surely be able to outshine $500 million for yearly revenue for 2009. On the middle of 2009, Facebook revealed that they have a free cash flow positive. This typically means that they have enough money to cover the cost of the whole operation and the capital needs.

Facebook is truly downplaying their performance. But it is always good to go low that go disappointing the public. However, if Facebook will unleash the real annual revenue, investors will surely be attracted to invest on the social networking site. They will be drooling over the real “heavenly” financial figures of Facebook. Unfortunately, Facebook refused to comment on such issue.

If the estimates on Facebook’s 2010 annual revenue are true, then it is quite news for Facebook. They have been walking on the dark these past few months because of the privacy-related issues. They even made it to the cover of time Magazine. This made CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, apologizing to the company’s errors.

As long as these high figures stay that way, Facebook will be able to solve these privacy problems and earn more millions. It should still be able to surpass all the other social networking sites available today. This area has been evolving a lost faster than expected today. Facebook should make sure that they are still on top shape.