The fact that Internet can change the lifestyle of the human beings is an undeniable fact and so is the gift that Internet is known to bestow upon the human race. Nowadays Internet has changed the way of the life of human beings who use the true potential of this technology. One of the major uses of Internet is to make the world a smaller place to live. Hence the emergence of several social networking websites has taken place on a recent basis and one of the most favorites among them is Facebook.

After several critical views that were fired at Facebook for launching the new application which would share the user information with the application and then publish it on the wall of the user by taking the permission of the user, Facebook has recently launched another controversial idea of sharing the addresses and phone number of the user by taking the consent of the user.

In several cases, it was seen that before Facebook planned to do so or to take steps regarding the sharing of the personal information of the users on the Internet, many people raised a voice to stop deploying the idea in reality. Most of these people complained that by doing so what Facebook would do is that it would leave the private details of any user vulnerable to the outsiders who can take advantage of the information and can easily breach the security wall and take all the necessary steps possible to hack the profile of the user. If not hacking, then some people can also take the details, which are being published by Facebook in the open market and can manipulate the information, which might cause further trouble for the user whose information has been leaked in the market.

As a reply to this, Facebook had thrown a counter argument telling that they would make the world a better place to live after they enable the phone and the address sharing system on the social networking website. They said that the greatest advantage of using the system would be that most of the people who want to connect to important job sites or even want to get a bit more influentially connected to the outside world can easily do this.

According to the officials, they are taking the details and then publishing them by taking the consent of the user and in no situations would the user be in trouble. It is for this reason that the security to the details that Facebook is possibly known to provide is quite robust and no external entity can ever hack or break in through the security network.