Facebook has announced that it intends to make further some changes to its privacy policy in order to respond to an audit by the Irish government. This move has been seen as an inadequate attempt to subdue privacy concerns prior to Facebook’s planned initial public offering by privacy advocates.

Will there be any major changes?

The proposed changes, which the company put out for public comment this weekend, do not indicate any major shifts in its policy. A major part of the document clarifies how Facebook is using the data of its users. The company has also updated the policy to reflect newer features, such as cover photos.

The proposed changes are not final. A document highlighting the proposed changes can be viewed on the official website in PDF form, along with an explanation of the changes. Facebook is asking for user feedback and will host a web question-and-answer session about the changes on May 14 at 9 a.m. Pacific time.

According to privacy analysts, once Facebook goes public, it will be under pressure to generate more revenue and will probably resort to selling personal information for targeted advertising to accomplish that goal.