Facebook has gone a step forward to challenge the supremacy of Google by introducing a new messaging system that integrates email, IM and text messaging. The new mailing system enables Facebook to take a new edge over the Internet, as part of its expansion plans to increase its presence on the Internet.

Some of the features of the new messaging system can be seen as follows:

  • Seamless messaging: You can now send a message through Facebook through any platform, e.g. text messages, emails, tweets which will allows you to be platform independent irrespective of a PC or mobile.
  • Integration of conversation history: Viewing conversation  history in one place enables easier methods through which you can  navigate through previous messages.
  • Mailbox Features: Facebook has included a separate inbox for friends, email contacts  and spam. This enables you to have conversations with your friends aligned seperately.

Facebook is expected to rake a competition against the market share of Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail. However it is too early to estimate if the Internet takes the bait.