Many of you may be facing the current lag in the Facebook as it is migrating from one platform to another and telling people that updating is in progress and chats are disable for sometime or even that certain pages are not available. Yes, these latest changes have been around lately, so how much can we trust Facebook. It is been recently realized by many users that there information which they want to keep private like their interests and hobbies may be compromised.

The recent updating has removed the option of becoming a fan of a page or something like that, instead now one “LIKES” and if it’s in the category of hobbies and interest those are shown on your home page. Now under the default settings of privacy they have selected the option of not displaying their hobbies and interests, the new updating will allow your hobbies and interests to be shown, when searched by random unknown people on Facebook. And by this everybody is feeling insecure on Facebook and now rumors are going on the Internet that Facebook is compromising from its stand on public information and is also selling the user information to increase profits, which is a total misfit for such a huge and trusted company.

The thing that has happened is that Facebook has made all the page information public so even if you have selected to hide it from your profile it’ll still be visible. Supposed you have your professor in your list and earlier he was barred from viewing your profile complete, but now if you have joined the community or page as a hobby that I hate that particular professor, he will easily be able to know about it and you may have to deal with lower marks or awkward situations may be created.

But there is one thing that Facebook did right was that this change doesn’t automatically takes place and so the thought of getting caught can be removed. It is like now on when we “LIKE” a page or a hobby it gives us a prompt warning that “by linking your profile to Pages, you will be making these connections public.”, so a statutory warning is issued. And like earlier there were suggestions page now it has become to “the things you will care to will become public” so here also a warning is prompted.

Every coin has two sides so in the end after the updating is over one can see that at some places Facebook scores in users hearts but at some places loses badly too. By issuing a warning before adding the page it clearly wants to indicate that it doesn’t want to sneak your information and that it is a firm totally for the user. And then it scores badly as this is going to take time to be adapted by the user and the change may not be actually good as it doesn’t gives us a option of which pages to show on the homepage and which not, so a bit of secrecy is revealed.