From the recent survey and researches, it is found that Facebook is the most popular social networking website today. Facebook has more than 21 million user logging in,  everyday which is more than any other networking sites. Globally the figure is more than impressive, as there are more than 500 million registered users . In the recent years users are spending lots of time on social networking sites, so Facebook is very good and appropriate place for advertising and to invest money. If you belive all the reports, it is the most used application on mobile also, more than 50% of iphone users are using Facebook as compared to 45% of blackberry users. Traders are eying Facebook as the powerful medium to give more exposure to their business. One can not ignore the power of Facebook as the one of the best media to advertize their business. Facebook has also the record of having the most active users. Facebook has become  famous among all age group in recent years.

There is a perception now that everyone is on Facebook and if you are not then you should be. Now everyone pretends to relate their business to the Facebook. One of the co-founder of Facebook Peter thiel said recently that,  Facebook investor will have to wait for one more year.  It will take some time for Facebook to come with ticker symbols like Goog, MSFT and YHOO. He also cleared that Facebook will not go public until 2012. The Bloomberg also reported the same thing in the month of July but this report came to limelight when the board members talked about it. They ruled out any IPO like Google did it in their initial phase. Peter thiel is a vital person and he is as close to Facebook as the founder, so it is very clear about all the business and trade. According to the Reuters, Facebook revenues crossed $800 million in 2009. These reports also attract a large group of organization to invest in this social networking website.

Facebook started changing the stock structure in 2009 to more IPO friendly model. And people speculating about some big offering in the future but as we said the Facebook guys will do it in future. Not going public means Facebook is not going to disclose all its financial details i.e., stubbornness on Facebook’s part.  From years we’ve seen that most of the companies make controversial decisions. They want to create their own path by their own thinking not the simple wisdom think. On the same way Facebook is going and we hope in near future they announce the IPO and make people part of this successful organization.

The popularity and the number of users make Facebook a huge brand and everyone wants to be part of this brand, so it is very interesting to see how the current scenario goes. As the market is very volatile and competition is really high in this sector.