According to recent reports, Facebook is all set to bring in a revolution in the Facebook mobile world. As per the Facebook officials, cutting down the unnecessary, good-for-nothing applications from Facebook integration is the chief task in order to bring in more power and revolution with Facebook mobile users. The main idea is to integrate social networking in useful and socially informed applications. One example is of an application that lets you know about all the restaurants in an area and the ratings by you friends or what item they tried and how they rated that particular item. Another is one that lets you know how many friends are presently located close to where you are etc. These are just a few examples but both portray the new thought process behind the application development for integration with Facebook mobile.

Since the number of Facebook mobile users is on a steep rise, what with 150 million people using the application now, compared to 100 million mobile Facebook users in April, focusing on mobile-based applications will prove to be extremely beneficial for the company. Already works have begun in order to enhance the company’s presence into the mobile-market. Facebook has already planned updates and enhancements for its application programming interfaces meant for Android and iPhone applications specifically. These applications, along with the changes, will soon be launched.

However, it is not just Facebook which has realized the true potential in mobile applications. Several other companies too are getting into the foray of developing mobile-based applications. In such a scenario, as explained by a Facebook official, there will come a point in time when there will millions of applications meant for Facebook. However, users are not going to download them all. Hence, in order to enhance the number of application downloads amongst users, it is important that you make applications which are socially informed and are well integrated with Facebook.

Facebook is also undergoing talks for partnership with other companies such as Yelp or Groupon, which will help in the development of applications that will be based in the socially informed ideology. This will help in development of applications that will for instance, let the users know of any recent promotions going within the vicinity of the user or the presence of local businesses along with the ratings by friends. In short, Facebook is aiming towards building applications stores that have Facebook as their backbone. Rumors are about that Facebook is undergoing talks with apple with regards to Facebook’s integration with the apple’s application store. All the reaching out is not just home-based. Facebook is also reaching for foreign markets. India is one such market and Facebook has already partnered with Bharati Airtel, a leading carrier in India. According to Facebook, Indian users are more still using feature based mobile phones. With Airtel allowing the users to access Facebook in its elemental, data-only, format without a data plan, likelihood of users realizing their need to actually subscribe to a data-plan will be enhanced.

If the plans by Facebook are successfully out into action, you may be in for a revolution!!