Facebook is a social networking site which was found in 2004.It is used as a place by  people to meet with their friends and discuss with them. Once a user joins in Facebook they can add the other person as friend and send messages to them. Thus a person can make any number of friends in this social networking site. They can share their thoughts and send some suggestions to other friends instantly. A person can create their own profile and make it according to their taste. The profile can be shared with their friends and their reactions can also be recorded. It became so popular with the web browsers that the number of people joining the Facebook is increasing year after year.

Facebook’s Announcement

Facebook is considered as one of the best social networking sites which are used by a large number of people worldwide. Recently, it is estimated that the number of people joining facebook has touched five hundred million. With Facebook’s announcement that it has reached the magic figure of 500 million users, it confirms and cements its place as the most used social networking site. It is not a surprise to see that the number of people joining facebook is increasing, seeing the features it provides to its users. It has many features like sharing pictures and videos with other users and lets them watch your stuff and also give your replies on your feeling about that stuff. Facebook has announced that it has reached 400 million users using their website only five months ago. Hence, it is really quick time to reach 500 million users for the facebook. The official announcement is yet to be made by the Facebook.

Celebrations: Film and book

The official announcement of reaching 500 million users by Facebook is expected as there are some celebrations or steps taken by the facebook. Facebook has asked all their employees to upload their photos and also thanking all the users using their site. The unofficial movie is coming up about this social networking giant which highlights the 500 million users. Facebook is also about to launch a book called facebook stories which will contain all the information about their users. All the information from its employees and users are collected by the facebook so that it can save the stories in this book.

The Facebook team is also giving some hints in their blog about the announcement and also about the book they are about to release. They are also asking the users to submit stories which consist of their experiences with the facebook. By taking all these into consideration, there is a speculation that facebook is about to announce about its 500 million users very soon. It is being touted that the next target of facebook might be one billion users and it should not be a big surprise to anyone. It won’t be too far away in reaching the landmark as there is considerable increase in number of people using the internet worldwide. The whole web users will wait for that day.