Facebook is one the most popular social networking sites which has been used all over the world since the year 2004. But these days, it is facing too many controversial comments and severe problems due to their weak privacy controls. In a recent press conference Facebook has announced new changes in its privacy settings which enables users easy access. During this conference, Facebook admitted that there are some real gaps in its privacy control as the company kept adding on new features. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook has revised all its offerings and made changes according to the feedback of the users.

The following are the new changes in Facebooks privacy settings:

  • The first and the most important change is that the privacy changes are applicable to all existing as well as new users, by accessing the account menu and then the privacy settings. This will allow the users to easily control contact information, wall postings and pictures, etc. However, only friends, friends of friends or everyone are allowed to access your profile. Moreover, users can customize their settings easily , as compared to the previous methods.
  • Facebook has added a separate and easy page for your directory information to let you know about the other face book users. Through, this page users can easily control as to who can search for individuals on the site based on options (friends, friends of friends or everyone) and also can control who can see his/her friend list, friend requests, friend messages and information of his/her home town, city and so on. Here is an important point to be noted that face book has not set certain settings by default regarding the research of the friends. This is so because according to the CEO, the company thinks it is important that the face book users should be able to search for other face book users by finding friends. But, if any particular user wants to hide his/her information from others, he/she should be able to do so.
  • Facebook has made it much easier for the users to control its platform through which third party apps and websites can connect to their profile information. Now users can turn off the apps and all your data will be deleted. And in case of adding new apps user will be able to choose the information to hand over and for this purpose screen displayed page has been changed now to fulfill the needs.

In short, as a regular user of the Facebook, I would say that the new changes in settings are simpler and can be more customized if I want. Now, it can easily convince many users that the new changes in privacy settings make them more secure and simple in use, just two clicks can work a lot. According to The Centre for Democracy and American Civil liberties union of California, Leslie Harris, the CDT president said that despite all rumors privacy is not dead but it comes up with a new and simple controls and policies. ACLU Technology and Civil Liberties Policy director Nicloe Ozer is hopeful for Facebook new policies and he is also admitted that facebook will be learn a lot with the recent round of privacy problems and will keep its principles to overcome all the problems.

Zuckerberg said in the conference that company has learn serious lesson from the recent situation and it listened the feedback of Lawmakers, privacy lobby and users to make changes. Now, Privacy guide and plans to show message at the top of the user’s home page is present on the site to communicate the changes.