A move that can be termed interesting as well as bold, Facebook is experimenting with the implementation of a new social news reader widget named ‘Trending Articles’ on its platform. It will allow the users to access popular trending stories in the form of news feeds. Trending Articles will display around five news stories from different news platforms. Each story will include a small picture, title, source, and a brief description. You will also be able to see the name of your friends who have already read and liked it.

As a Facebook user, you will get the chance to read the recent trending topics published by popular news organizations, as well as stay updated about what others are reading and liking. The Trending Articles news feed widget has also been added to the mobile version of Facebook.

The most annoying part about this addition is that it takes a lot of screen space. For the time being, just wait and see whether this move will fascinate users or will cause repulsion.