Facebook has decided to revamp is photo based products that enable users to take pics and share it on the Internet. The recent shift in strategy by Facebook comes due to the market potential that is available in the photo sharing.

Facebook being one of the largest social networking websites enable users not only to share information but also share photo and videos amongst themselves. Facebook has seen immense competition in getting nearly 500 million registered users on its networks.

Apart from creating a marketing based on its network, the new revamped photo utility of Facebook includes the following:

  • High resolution photos
  • Dedicated link to download photos
  • Bulk tagging
  • Faster downloads and uploads
  • Bulk Uploads

This is an interesting change in Facebook’s lightbox UI which has been developed to upload photos, as other networking sites like Flickr and Picasa have proven to be a major competition to Facebook’s. Experts predict that Facebook will be launching products that will enable it to expand its user base beyond social networking.