was a small startup which was new and used to provide the service of private online spaces. These spaces could be used by family and close friends to share content real-time. It also used to utilize Facebook Connect to let its users have private conversations and share photos, videos, and links with groups of their Facebook friends at the same time. It acted as a modern day chat room where in the users were enabled to create private group conversations with their Facebook contacts.

Everyone on the industry radar terms it as a talent acquisition expedition. Where in Facebook would be utilizing the engineering expertise of the Sharegrove team to fine out details about its privacy controls issues. Recently the Co-founder and the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg admitted that Facebook had done blunders by tweaking their privacy controls settings and created a fury amongst its users. He said that new and easier controls would be made available within a week’s time. Many suspect that as the company is experiencing the backlash of its privacy issues thing they decided to buy in a start up cheap and utilize its expertise to solve its problems. Sharegrove has the expertise which Facebook doesn’t have, the talent to create small and intimate circle groups where in real time chats occur and also content can be shared.

The purchase is a sequel to the last acquisition of Facebook that was Divvyhsot. Divvyshot was a photo sharing website which allowed its users to upload photos and used to group the collections and called them events. In the same manner Facebook used Divvyshot to upgrade it website, Sharegrove’s expertise will also be used to provide better privacy control, and better real-time chats and also content sharing to be marked up on.

Meanwhile Sharegrove has alarmed its staff on the joining details and the change in policies of the company. Adam Wolff who is one of the Co-Founders of Sharegorve disclosed that he would be officially joining the Facebook’s team. He added that it is unclear under which product team he would work.

While Sharegrove flagged off a blog to intimate its user about the closing of its site operations from June 1. The notice on the site also says that all the new registrations have been closed. Sharegrove also asked its users to make a back up of the uploaded data and the company will be helping its users by helping them if they have any difficulty towards accessing there data. The company also notified that they would be deleting all the content hence forth and will not be responsible if any customers loses there data.

Everybody has the idea what capabilities Facebook has earned through a number of acquisitions but nobody has the idea which all features are going to be availed to the users.