Do you remember the date you joined Facebook? Have you ever thought about the number of status messages and comments you hold on your profile? If you are a true Facebook freak and have been on the platform for long, then you can easily understand the volume of comments you have accumulated till date. Most of these old comments and status messages are useless and clutter up your profile unnecessarily.

Now, Facebook is giving you the chance to clear up the mess and recycle these old messages and simultaneously promote recycling in the real-world too. This Facebook recycling initiative is the part of Great Recycle campaign run by Honest Tea. Through this campaign, the company is promoting the recycling of its bottles to reduce the environmental footprint.

Honest Tea has now collaborated with an ad agency named Amalgamated and developed Great Recycle Facebook app. With this app, you can choose an old Facebook post and pledge to recycle the Honest Tea bottles. That’s not all; you will also earn Recyclebank points for your efforts. You can easily redeem these points with eBay, Target, and Dunkin’ Donuts.

So, don’t wait and start recycling!