Facebook: the well known social network that is the second most visited site after google.com and ranked number 2 according to Alexa rankings, is wishing to dominate in another arena. There is no doubt about the fan following of the community and the number of people that visit Facebook every day and what if Facebook becomes the home to news and other such details that are targeting audiences in huge numbers.

Facebook moving into publishing business

Yes! That is what Facebook wishes for now. The company intends to become the top of the news publishing heaven as well. Facebook wants that news publisher log in their Facebook account and publish their news on the social network. The traditional news media are not interactive the way they would have been with respect to the technology advances that are taking place around the World Wide Web. The news publishers need to use the technology that has been used by many people in the business in order to interact with the readers as well as bring people towards the platform as well.

They wish the news publisher start using their publishing tools so that the social media can be helpful to them in expanding their news followers by a great deal. A study, on the contrary shows that people prefer Twitter to connect, comment and log-in on news media sites more often. Facebook though prefers third-party tools more than any other platform on the web.

First move in the venture

The formerly Facebook Connect team has teamed up once again to come up with this excellent feature. The team is going to go and talk to the news media so that they use Facebook’s services instead of any other service in order to make a connection between the source and the followers. The engineers and marketing managers are both in the team to make the process easier to understand for those in the media streams. The engineers try and get the glimpse of what can possibly help the publishers getting the maximum output with Facebook.

The main targets that the Facebook team has set is to get people from the media known with the features that Facebook is offering in order to get the best possible opinion from the viewers. The like button, the Facebook’s analytics and all such features that tell the source about the following in real time facts and figures might all be helpful to the media sources. The question is to explain them only.

Past example

There is one clear example of such a medium on the internet in the form of Scribd that is well into social publishing. The social publishing is getting around 23,000 likes per day while the previous count was up to 1200 only back in April the same year. The like button has certainly increased the number of people who were attracted towards the site as they can now make their part in the news.

ABC News got an excellent rise of 190 percent rise while there was a 200 percent rise for TypePad. The sharing tools that NHL introduced on their site increased the video views and registration by 50 percent. There can be a number of other examples that you can find on the online world.