Facebook is the biggest social networking site today and it has record number of users worldwide. If we talk about revenues and market share then Facebook is growing like never before. Established in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook has become more reputed brand now and every organization wants to collaborate with facebook. One can not ignore the user base and daily visitors on Facebook and it is an ideal place for advertising.

One also can not ignore the power of Google; the biggest search engine giant. Google is number one in terms of regular searches done by internet users. But the fact is if every user of Facebook performs as many searches as on Google instant, YouTube then you can imagine that Facebook can grow as big as Google or may be it will become bigger than Google is today. One can easily imagine the Facebook power as back in 2007, Microsoft paid quarter a million dollar to run banner ads on Facebook. At that time many of us thought that Microsoft decision is not business oriented but now the situation is changed completely and Facebook has already more visitors than Google today. Internet users are spending more time on Facebook than Google.

Now let’s talk about revenues of Google and Facebook. In 2010, Google is expecting $28 billion but come to the Facebook and you have to believe the growth of Facebook. It can move from $2 billion to $30 billion in five years, how exciting figures!!!! There is one thing that is common to both Google and facebook: people, they are solely responsible for entire revenue. Facebook is totally social and like their applications, Facebook engage social networking users with social intent. Looking at the figures, we can easily say that facebook will be bigger than Google in five years barring any disaster or accidents.

Facebook Advertising is not a direct competitor of Google AdSense or Adwords. While advertizing on internet, organization get confused with so many places to reach consumers but Facbook fixes theire problem. For some people over the globe, facbook is web for them. They search, browse, listen to music, videos, everything on Facebook. Facebook revenues come from mainly cross- promotions; facebook is collaborating with Microsoft, Zynga, and Amazon or may be Google. Facebook also has option to block any one of them but the factor is to join not block. It is not working like web ecosystem but running a cycle og cross promotion and doing advertizing and commerce both at single time.

Facebook also gives companies to develop more powerful ads and spread to users. Facebook gives so many options that can help in advertizing and advertizing is very simple and user can view at their home page. Over 100 ex- Google employees are working with Facebook and they will develop more powerful direct user connectivity in next five years. If the development will successful then they do not need to cover the $30 million to cross Google. They will get one part of the revenue from advertizing only.