There is a new application in Google which is called as Google Buzz. This Google Buzz aims to defeat some social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Facebook on the other hand, continues to grow rapidly. Thus, its features are unparalleled when compared to its contemporaries.

Facebook Grows With Over 500 Million Users

Even after many years of operation, Facebook still have its mission to gain more customers to communicate with each other.  The latest mission they have is to target as many people all over the world. They want to have over 500 million subscribers.

So, what does a Facebook do to gain more subscribers? There have been countless applications in Facebook if you know how to use its features. There are games created by Zynga which is the maker of many games included in the applications of Facebook.  Hundreds of these can be seen, if you click this particular application. These are Farmville, Farmtown, Café world, Mafia Wars, Pet society, Treasure isle, Frontierville, Zyngapoker, Yoville, Fishville, and many more.

Also, you can create a page of your own band or any other fan page. This icon is located on the lower page just below the sign up. While searching for people, you can type the name or simply the email address of the person. Then, a list of people with the same name will appear. You can choose the person you want to add. It seems easy unlike Google Buzz where the only people they target is the person you already have in your mailing list or those registered with the same domain name. For example: will only communicate with If you need to communicate with others through Google buzz (outside your contacts), you need to add a social networking site.

Facebook Vs Google Buzz

In Facebook, whatever your email address is, you can send a message personally or chat with the other person. This is truly a big advantage of Facebook when compared to Google.  In addition to that, you can also upload pictures and make it as an album. You can choose if you want to share this album with others. You may also create a link by clicking the link and pasting the URL you want to add. It is as simple as that.  You may also use this as a medium of capturing a picture from your webcam. Aside from pictures, you may also use your webcam through Facebook recording.

You can also use widgets beside your wall and add them. For doing so, click the plus sign and then choose from the many available whichever you want to add on. In choosing the stuff, if you have knowledge of embedding codes from other websites, then you can design a page on your own too. By editing the “my stuff” and clicking the add code. There you will see a space for your code. When pasting or typing is done you can click the add code. Then the new widget will appear.

Facebook can also be seen on other websites. These include YouTube and many other sites. When comparing Facebook and Google buzz, Google buzz has to polish more of its application to help match Facebook.