Facebook is launching a new content sharing button later this week, which can be embedded by other websites on their pages. However the button will not be used by Facebook  for its behavioral advertising campaign.

The content sharing button will be similar to the “like” button that is often used to share content on social networking websites. Facebook seeks to follow a similar strategy of Twitter, in which users can share content among themselves which they like.

However, skeptics are paranoid about the fact that Facebook will use the content sharing button to understand the behavior of its users, and therefore post advertisements that suits the user’s requirements. Facebook’s media spokesperson has clarified that; it will not be using any targeted advertisements based on the content sharing tool.  Currently, Facebook uses targeted advertisements that are based on the user’s personal profile, without disclosing any information.

There are a multitude of new Facebook products that are to be launched at Facebook’s annual F8 conference in San Francisco, this Wednesday. A Facebook spokesperson said “All the products we are launching at F8 are focused on giving developers and entrepreneurs ways to make the web more social. We have no announcements or changes planned to our ad offering and ad policies.”

Facebook users certainly do not want a repeat of 2007 where Facebook was involved in a “beacon system” that allowed aggressive viral marketing by companies, targeting users.  The new content sharing button is will only be used for sharing information amongst the users and not other third party.