If you are into Internet surfing and a fan of social networking, then Facebook is nothing new.

Although we knew Facebook as a social networking site, we should also consider a bit more of how this popular and big-time site had started and how its popularity has grown this big.


Originally, Facebook is a term that stands for particular books given to students at the start of their school year with an intention of helping the students reach out to their fellow students and get to know them well. And that was the basis of this popular social site, to make friends and to know more people.

It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg along with his fellow computer science students in Harvard University. Eventually, from a normal Harvard campus site to a worldwide focus social network today.

With over 500 million users today, Facebook has indeed become more powerful in the web site most visited page. It has become the source of communication for the users to their friends and colleagues. And with over a hundred of third party applications, it has become more interesting than any other social sites.

Facebook as a Social-Networking Site

Facebook is one of the leading social networking sites that has grown exponentially. With more than 500 million people connected, Facebook allows a complex web of virtual relationships which can harness the potential of marketing and advertisements.  As a means of informal communication,  Facebook is rapidly growing into a brand that can harness the potential of business reach.

The  the most unique thing that Facebook offers are the various applications, that enable  building up your friend’s list. Apart from messaging users can also choose games, events and other utilities that are available to be informed of the latest news .

Facebook as a Potential Big-time Web Market

Another interesting part of this site is its ability to earn enough revenue than those sites with same purpose.

Analysts said that the main method the site is currently targeting is advertising. With its third party applications and millions of users, the site is a potential source of successful web market.

Though the site has not released any reported revenue, analysts report an estimated income of $300-$400 million, advertising as of 2009 alone.

With the most targeted advertising applications on the internet, it has gathered enough revenue to be able to be called a big time web site today.

Its method, demographic, allows the advertisers on the site to target a group of individual that will serve as potential consumers. Another approach of the site is its new Facebook Credits wherein users can now be able to have a virtual account that will let them pay real money to be able to buy items from the third party applications.

Indeed, Facebook is not a mere fun-page for users but also a potential business group which can do more in the future of web advertising.