Anybody trying to ‘Google’ some information from the Internet must have noticed the recent change. Yes, I am talking about Google’s site redesign. Though, the new design can’t be compared to a drastic botox lift, but surely the little nip and tuck procedure has given it a new look and feel. For Google, it is a spring metamorphosis. To the million users, using Google, the homepage is barely going to look different. Superficially, one may feel that the logo has been tidied up to lend it a refreshing look. But there’s more to it. The subtle changes are in response to the increasing powers of a search engine. Google has been constantly striving to roll out small changes and updates, trying to make it easier for the users to find out what they want. Let’s find out what’s new and what has changed?

It is an uncontested fact, that Google is one of the world’s best and the most popular search engine. Till now, whenever we looked for any information the results page displayed a list of pages related to our query. With the new changes things are different. The ‘logo tweak’ for Google means a substantial change in the results page. With the new interface, if you type a query, along with the list of pager, a new bar will appear on the left hand side. This left hand panel is powered by three new search technologies—Universal Search, Search Options panel and Google squared. Google is trying to think ahead of its users. It knows what you are specifically looking for and also suggests or compares entities related to the search query. Now, you can easily explore not only specific pages but also topics related to your query.

Suppose you want to find about the ‘ozone hole’, the crisp results page will not only display specific pages but also news, videos, images, books on the left panel. If you are looking for ‘jewelers’, the new pane will display the option ‘shopping’. The options keep on changing with a particular search. If the search is related to ‘string theory’ the new search result may also suggest quantum mechanics.

Many people feel that Google’s new look is very similar to ‘Bing’ the Microsoft search engine. Microsoft’s Bing and Google look very similar. This has brought it at par with Bing. Google is revamping its image to compete with Bing. You can now find the best of Bing features in Google.

The changes have been brought about to make your search faster and to specifically pinpoint what you are looking for. Team Google is constantly striving to improve and evolve. Google has plans to roll out these changes long time back and any tweak with the original Google formula is supposed to work well with its users. After months of testing the new design with the users Google has launched the new design today. With the little change in design Google sports a refreshed look with new functionalities, to make your search easier. So, just click on and start Googling…!