The new iPhone 4 apps, FacePlant shows its users which among their contacts is available to receive video calls and who is available at the moment. FaceTime, the new video calling app for the iPhone aims to transform the way we communicate on our cell phones.

FacePlant works like an instant friend list for the FaceTime (Like Facebook chat) to show you who are available to chat on wi-fi network.

How it works.

After you enter your name and phone number into the application, it instantly gives a buddy list of your friends who are available and will keep updating as more of your contacts join.

With other available features, you can leave video messages for offline friends. You can also receive push notifications and make video calls straight from the application.

Hurdles yet to jump

With every new product in the market, there seems to be a bit of flaw that comes along with it. And the app is not an exception. The trouble with this one is that it has a non-technical error that makes it immensely difficult to use.

A question from Sol Limpman, an entrepreneur in Santa Cruz California, “How do you know whether someone is available to speak with you on FaceTime or not… That’s a big barrier which we want to eliminate.”

Mr. Lipman created an app that shows users which contacts are able to receive video calls, i.e. those that have an iPhone 4 and are available on Wi-Fi network.

FacePlant or FaceTime?

FacePlant gives its users a privacy option to show when a user is connected to Wi-Fi. It also allows people to leave each other video voice mail.

Apple may eventually allow FaceTime to run over the cellular networks, but according to Mr. Lipman, that does not mean removing his product, the FacePlant.

Quoting Mr. Lipman, “Just like on I.M, status is really important… Only whether or not you are available to take a video call is important than having to starting an instant messaging chat.”

Mr. Lipman thinks that FacePlant could be somehow useful beyond the iPhone 4.

The future for Apple

On the basis of rumors and speculations, it might be that the next version of the iPad and iPod Touch might come slotted with a front-facing camera so that it will help to facilitate video chatting.

Reports from Apple say that they plan to make FaceTime an open standard, allowing it to work on other devices.

From Mr. Lipman, “We are expecting it to appear elsewhere especially on Android devices and PCs… as soon as those releases are available; we will be able to build applications for it. Our goal is to become the main application for FaceTime.”

FacePlant from another angle

FacePlant is an unincorporated, multimedia rehearsal studio. This is where some of Vancouver’s stars, both developing and developed, call home. Located in East Vancouver, (Canada) since 1992, FacePlant has been able to grow drastically from a shared rehearsal space between four bands into a fully fledged rehearsal studio that also incorporates recordings, multimedia and other projects.

FacePlant can currently hold from eight to twelve bands and is booked o a monthly basis. The brains behind FacePlant are also involved in the production of multiple live shows at various Vancouver venues. Other available services are computer services; membership rates tape duplication and recording facilities.