The VOIP provider Fring released an update that allowed the owner of I Phone 4 to make 2 way video calls unrestrictedly over Wi-Fi or with other I Phone by 3G. Before on Wi-Fi face time is restricted to the users of I Phone but now Fring could make it possible to make a video calls to Fring or Skype on phones.

Definition of Skype and Fring

Something about Skype: Skype is a software application. Users can make voice call through internet by Skype. Within Skype service call to other users are free. It is an IP telephony service provider and it offers low cost calling to land line which is not connected to the internet and also provided free calling between computers. It is proprietary software but it does not have the features that business users demand.

Something about Fring: Fring is founded by Avi Shechter .It is a peer to peer mobile internet telephonic network, based on VoIP. It allows messaging service instantly, chat session and other services over handsets and mobile devices. Frings services and software’s are completely free if you have soft phone like Skype on your desktop. Anyone can make free phone calls from one computer to another but if you can make phone calls to landline or in mobiles from computer you have to pay a little amount of money. Those who are not using the PC but used the mobile phone Fring also give them free calls. You save a real lot in mobile communication when you call from your mobile to another mobile and all calls channeled through paid services to PSTN. The paid services are Gizmo, VoIP stunt and Skype Out.

The battle between Skype and Fring

Now a day the whole story turned in a bad shape when Skype called their company “cowards” and blocked it. It is claimed by Fring. While Skype claimed that two of them are talking in this matter but Fring not telling the truth that without any warning Fring withdraw their support over Skype on IOS 4 for video call. There is a battle for mobile phone between the mobile messaging and the VoIP market. It would be very good if the entire CIP client like Skype, Fring, Truphone come together and support face time. So that video calling is very much available to us. The fragmentation that happens with incompatible IM protocol we should take lesson from that and for video calling we should agree to come in an open platform. For the customers benefit put all problems behind us.

The advantage of Skype and Fring

Fring with Skype video support is very famous in US .Video call is an amazing experience with them. A person can save upto95% in calls what he or she would spent  for the traditional mobile connection by using the Fring and the good thing is they don’t need any complicated equipment like ATAs or I Phones (wireless). Only need a 3G or a smart mobile phone. SMS, IM, Voice and video calling are now available in operating systems and mobile devices. Skype and Fring keeps users happy by connecting them with their family and friends anywhere in this world.